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     Our story begins at Harlandale High School in San Antonio, Texas. It was there that two people met, eventually fell in love and began a life together that would rival the best of Hollywood screenplays. The everyday struggles were no different than most, however their path to succeeding in 46 years of marriage was paved by their love and faith. For many years, our parents did all they could to just get by and because they refused to give up, they were able to reach a point in their lives that allowed some of the nicer things this world has to offer. We often heard, “anything worth having is going to take hard work” and they were right!After Dad’s untimely passing in October of 2019, we were left thinking of all the lessons he taught us along with two of his most passionate beliefs: Children are a beautiful blessing from God and family is all you have in this world. 

     One song that Dad would love to play for us is Hermoso Cariño. It was written by Fernando Z Maldonado Rivera and sang by one of our Dad’s favorite artist, Vicente Fernández. As children, we didn’t exactly understand it. See, Dad told us that when he heard that song, it reminded him of our mom and he would dedicate it to her. Then, as his four children came around and grew up, that song took on even more meaning to him. And so, my sister and I along with support from our brothers and mom, felt that Dad’s two strongest beliefs and one of his favorite songs provided for a great and meaningful name for our business. As a tribute to Dad, it was important to have a live oak in the logo to represent the deep roots that run in our family along with the greenery representing his beautiful green eyes. In honor of our parent’s hard work and devotion to their children, family and God, we will strive to bring you and your family the quality you deserve.

                                                    Welcome to 4 Cariños!